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About the Project

THE MATRIARCHITECTS podcast and platform highlights the change-makers who are building a culture that respects, values, and celebrates women. 

We believe in the power of stories to change the world. We know that who has the opportunity to tell their stories matters, that how these stories are told matters, and that the way in which these stories are shared matters.

Through audio, image, and written text, we spotlight people who are using their vision, gifts, and talents to create a cultural shift in attitudes toward women, and who are working to make our world a better place for people of all genders. These individuals and their stories offer an antidote to the hard times we live in, showing us that new ways of seeing and being are not only possible but are already here.

If you know someone whose work, words, life, and vision should be highlighted with THE MATRIARCHITECTS, please send us a message.

About the Creator & Host

 Lisa is an essayist and journalist who writes about social justice issues, politics, and popular culture with an intersectional lens. A native New Orleanian and current desert dweller, Lisa received her MFA in nonfiction writing from the University of Arizona, where she taught writing in the English Department for a decade. She teaches in-person and online community writing workshops and designs and leads classes as a teaching artist in juvenile detention. She also works with writers as an editor and creativity usher, helping them discover their stories and and usher them onto the page. Her writing has appeared publications such as Bitch Media, Bustle, Diagram, defunct, drunken boat, Edible Baja Arizona, Everyday Feminism, The Feminist Wire, GOOD, Good Housekeeping, Medium, Salon, Talk Poverty, Terrain.org, and The Washington Post.

About Our Name

Our name comes from combining two words: Matriarch & Architect

Matriarchs are women leaders of their families and communities. They embody strength, determination, and compassion.

Architects envision and design innovative structures that allow for new possibilities. 

Matriarchitects are change-makers who–through their lives, work, and vision–build a culture where women are respected, valued, and celebrated, and where people of all genders can live their fullest, most purposeful lives. 


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