Return from the Road OR And I Would Drive 7,835 Miles

Matriarchitects On the Road

7,835 miles. 

14 states. 

Thousands of minutes of audio and hundreds of images. 

During the course of the last few months, The MATRIARCHITECTS on the road covered vast terrain. And not just the earth crossed over, not just the broad canvas of sky. I’m speaking of hours of conversation—traversing the expansive landscape of the work, art, intelligence, and power of 19 change-makers who are building a world that respects, values, and celebrates women.

For those of you that have been following The Matriarchitects on Instagram, you’ve seen in posts and stories the amazing change-makers I’ve talked to. In the coming months, their voices will be featured on podcast episodes. I cannot wait for you to hear from these amazing people who are making our communities better; to listen to their vision, inspiration, and laughter;  to find out about both the arduous moments on their path and the comfort, solidarity, and joy they’ve found in the community of others engaged in justice work.

These Matriarchitects aren’t stopping because of all the obstacles thrown in their path or the trees deliberately felled in front of them. They are finding ways across. They are hopping over. They are cutting through–the hatred, the isms and phobias of all kinds, the noise that says that those in power abusing power will always be there and we just have to deal. The Matriarchitects are here for our collective liberation. They are remaking our world. They are doing so with grace and beauty and art and kindness and stunning intellect and emotional brilliance and righteous anger and tremendous compassion. Every single conversation I’ve been so honored to participate in has reminded me of what is inside us, who we can be, and what is possible together. I have endless gratitude for these change-makers, their work in the world, and their willingness to share with us.

Our collective work is far from over but we can find light, hope, and inspiration from all those leading the way.

Episode 2: Adiba Nelson—Why Inclusion and Representation Matters

Adiba Nelson is a writer, author, performer, mom, wife, and occasional rabble-rouser. Adiba spoke about her work to increase inclusivity and representation of children with disabilities to children’s literature and television programming; about her burlesque performances and honest personal essays and how they offer those watching and listening permission to live their truths; and about the need for collective outrage at the societal mistreatment of black women and all women of color so that, together, we can enact cultural change.

Episode 1: Jade Beall—The Healing & Transformational Power of Photography

Jade Beall is a world-renowned photographer whose projects, including The Beautiful Body Project and The Bodies of Mothers, have transformed perceptions of beauty. We talked about perceptions of the bodies of women, mothers, and elders; the need for body liberation; and the healing power of photography.